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Wow... time flies when you're having fun. Rather, when you get interested in something. I became a Luke/Noah fan (gay teen couple on As the World Turns) a few months ago and thought I had caught up by watching their clips on YouTube and reading episode/storyline summaries. I have recently discovered (within the past week) that there is so much going on behind the scenes. People are invested in the story portrayed by these two young actors and they CARE. It's getting more and more difficult to find things that people are passionate about. I had a conversation with my mother about soap operas and how they are sometimes an 'escape' from reality, which I partially agree with. While she spoke of 'escape' in a negative tone, I think that it is something that we all need. If I choose to immerse myself in a fictional world for an hour, it's not because I'm turning off my brain and my emotions. I am interested in what is being portrayed (with some, not all couples and storylines). I'm not going to say that they become my best buds, but they feel like old friends that I can count on to be there. In a way, they make me more accepting of the flaws in myself because I realize that even with my problems, I don't have near as much drama as they do!
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