Aug. 24th, 2009

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Q: Have you ever had your feelings hurt by an animal?
A: Yes I have. Not really by pets, but I show beef cattle in 4H and there have been a few times where I just wanted an animal to cooperate at a big show and then was hugely disappointed. Sometimes it could be blamed on the trainer (me) and not doing enough work with the animal, but sometimes the calf/cow just didn't want to work/behave and ended up ruining my day :-(

Changes at work, changes at home, changes with/about me. It's strange to be bouyant and happy about some things but dread and despair about others at the same time. The power of the human brain I guess, as well as its pitfalls. I wonder sometimes if it wouldn't be easier not to have gone to university and have the world knowledge that I do. How can I enjoy food when I know that millions of people are starving? How can I do my job and drive around when I know that my car's exhaust is contributing to global warming? Someday a doctor will develop a frontal lobe 'off' switch to control worrying. I don't see it coming soon though. 


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